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Sabaudia is a land of enchantment par excellence, a city with bewitching profiles and a pure soul capable of attracting the gaze and mind of intellectuals, artists, actors, politicians and even sportspeople. Nobody can resist its landscapes, the wild nature of the Circeo National Park, the dunes, the sea, the Roman sites and its twentieth- century architecture halfway between rationalism and metaphysics. Without forgetting the lake basins, above all Lake of Paola venue and race course for the World Rowing Cup III regatta which will be held from 4 to 6 June 2021. A place full of charm that over the years has managed to seal the union between nature and sport, hosting athletes from all over the world and national and international competitions that have contributed, above all, to affirming. Sabaudia as a city of Sport. I wait for you, to let ourselves be swept away together by the competitive spirit and participation that only sport manages to infuse with its great unifying force. And that only in Sabaudia finds the right push to make a sporting event a moment of pure sharing!

Giada Gervasi

Mayor of Sabaudia

Sabaudia Organising Committee Structure 2022 will be available soon