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Contact person: Teresa Ciampa

Email: accommodation@sabaudiarowing.com


We recommend that Teams stay at one of the OC official hotels for the event to ensure that all participants follow the same protocols and routine with regard to the Covid-19 Plan. For safety and security reasons the OC is required to inform the local authorities about the location of all event participants during the event in Sabaudia.

Terms & Conditions:

Booking Deadline: Friday, 25 March 2022


Terms of Payment:

  • 30% deposit payable by 20 January 2022
  • 30% deposit on confirmation for bookings made after 20 January 2022
  • Balance payable by 30 days before arrival date


Cancellation Policy:

  • From booking confirmation to 25 March 2022: no cancellation fee
  • From 26 March 2022 to 04 April 2022 – 90% refund of the paid amount
  • From 05 April 2021 to 13 April 2022 – 50% refund of the paid amount
  • After 14 April 2021 – no refund
  • This cancellation policy is valid in any situation, including those related to COVID-19.


The OC will ask hotels to reserve additional rooms in case it is necessary to isolate any guests tested positive for Covid-19 or have Covid-19 symptoms.

Where it is not possible to accommodate one Team per hotel, in large hotels or with small Teams, all measures will be taken to ensure that the hotels observe the current provisions required by the Italian Health Authority.

Athletes from the same crew should share the same room avoiding sharing with athletes from different crews.


If Teams have booked outside of the official OC accommodation, and made their own arrangements, they are required to inform the OC where they are staying by emailing the following information to accommodation@sabaudiarowing.com no later than the accreditation deadline: 6 May 2022:

  • Name of Hotel/Accommodation address;
  • Arrival and Departure dates;
  • Number of people.


Contact person: Gianluca Ciampa, Danila Marigliani

Email: transport@sabaudiarowing.com

Private or Shared Airport and Local Transport for Teams can be arranged by the Organising Committee for Teams according to their requirements.

All transport services are organised in accordance with the Covid-19 response plan and in full compliance with the current regulations and legislation set out by the Italian national and local authorities. It is mandatory to wear masks and respect safe distancing while using transport services.


Important Note

Team Managers are required to complete the transportation form by 18:00hrs the previous day and submit it by email to transport@sabaudiarowing.com or by WhatsApp to the above telephone number.

Terms of Payment & Cancellation Policy currently being revised

Teams may arrange their own transport using their own or hired vehicles; however, they will be fully responsible for their disinfection and sanitisation and respect the interpersonal distance on board. The OC will provide information on the relevant national regulations upon request.

Parking for team vehicles

Parking will be provided for Teams travelling to Sabaudia using their own transport. Please send full details of the Team vehicles to the Organising Committee so that we can ensure sufficient parking space.

Visa request

Teams who require assistance to obtain visas for entry to Italy to attend the2022 European Rowing Under 19 Championships in Sabaudia, must provide the following information for all team members including rowers, coaches, technical staff, etc. (excluding accompanying guests) to the Organising Committee.

Please specify the city where you will apply for visas.
  • name
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • passport expiry date
  • name and address of Hotel where they will be staying
  • confirmation that travel, accommodation and medical insurance expenses will be at your own costs
  • arrival and departure dates
We will apply the following special procedure for sport events (easier and faster through our NOC who will contact the embassy concerned). With this procedure you do not need an invitation letter
A request with all relevant information will be forwarded to our NOC and they will contact the Italian Embassy in your Country. A barcode containing a protocol number will be issued when your case file has been successfully forwarded to the Embassy.
On receipt of this barcode you will need to make an appointment with the Italian Embassy in your country and show the barcode and the passports of the people concerned. The visas will normally be issued approximately two weeks later.

Please submit your request including all the required information for each person, using the Visa Form (click here) as soon as possible to: caterina.ambrosini@canottaggio.org

Important: we can only make the application for you if you provide all the information listed above.
If you have any questions or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact the OC at ocmanager@sabaudiarowing.com or the Italian Federation at caterina.ambrosini@canottaggio.org

Invitation letter

If you require an Invitation letter for travel purposes (in accordance with Article 49 of DPCM 2 March 2021 – see translation below), please submit your request (which must include: names, date of birth, citizenship, passport details, function, travel and accommodation details for each person requiring a visa), as soon as possible, to the Organising Committee by email to: ocmanager@sabaudiarowing.com

Art. 49 (translated from original Italian text)

(Limitations to travel to and from abroad)

(… omitted)
5. For participation in sports competitions referred to in Article 18, paragraph 1, entry into the national territory is in any case allowed for athletes, coaches, umpires and race commissioners, representatives of the foreign press and accompanying persons who in the fourteen days previous persons have stayed in or transited in foreign countries or territories indicated in lists B, C, D and E of annex 20, including countries from which entry into Italy is prohibited, under the following conditions:
  1. fulfilment of the declaration obligations referred to in Article 50;
  2. presentation to the carrier, at the time of embarkation and to anyone appointed to carry out the checks, of the certification of having undergone, in the 48 hours prior to entry into the national territory, to a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab and negative result;
  3. conduct of the sports competition in accordance with the specific protocol adopted by the sports organization organizing the event.
(… omitted)